Colour Pop haul and swatches

So recently, I decided it was time I owned some Colour Pop goodies! So I jumped online and splurged… just a little.

If you don’t know what Colour Pop is, they are an online makeup brand, who, in my opinion, sell really high quality products at a reasonable price. (hint: If you’re in Australia, it’s the shipping that will get you!)
According to their website, they “pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and bunny approved.”
They have a VERY wide variety of products, ranging from their signature liquid lipsticks, to eye shadows, blush, highlighters and so many more amazing products.

So I ordered,
two of their Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks in Littlestitious and Frick n Frack
two of the Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks in Are n Be and Lumiere 2
one Lippie Stix in Brink
two Super Shock Shadows in Nillionaire and So Quiche
and lastly, a Super Shock Cheek (highlighter) in Smokin’ Whistles

the liquid lipstick’s retailed for $6 USD – $8.01 AUD
the Lippie Stix retailed for $5 USD – $6.67 AUD
the Super Shock Shadows for $5 USD – $6.67 AUD
the Super Shock Cheek for $8 USD – $10.68 AUD
Shipping on the other hand (keep in mind I did an order with a friend, so we did get more then these items) came to $25 USD – $33.36 which, to be honest, I think is way too expensive for the small box and light weight of the package.


swatches: Lipsticks, top to bottom – Littlestious, Lumiere 2, Are n Be, Frick n Frack and Brink

Swatches: Super Shocks, top to bottom – Smokin’ Whistles, So Quiche and Nillionaire

In terms of opinions/ product review, I am yet to try a lot of them. However, I did wear Lumiere 2 to a ball recently and my god, I was amazed. It lasted through drinking, eating a three course meal and talking – a lot, all over a five hour period. I honestly did not touch up once. it didn’t flake, become patchy, or wear off at all. So fingers crossed I can expect amazing results from the other products!

Thanks for reading!

Im xx


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