Makeup Artist and Co – review and final result

For the last 10 weeks I have been undertaking the Makeup Artist and Co Pro Advanced Makeup Fundamentals course and honestly, it has been the best decision I have ever made.

This course included 5 weeks of makeup application, 4 weeks of hair styling and the final week, a photo shoot with John Mckay. During the five weeks of makeup, we covered glitter, smokey eyes, winged liner and lashes, use of colour, and a natural look. All of these were taught by Belinda, who has so many wonderful years of experience in the industry, specifically a lot with MAC and Inglot. I felt so privileged to be taught by someone who clearly knows what they’re talking about and who was so kind and genuinely lovely! I never felt patronised, talked down too or like I was stupid, which I find is hard to find in a teacher of anything!


In the four weeks of hair, we covered how to curl with a GHD, curling wand and hot rollers, messy curls, messy bun and the classic vintage wave. Considering I started this journey unable to curl with a GHD, I definitely came out better! I am now confident with curling and am confident in my ability to create stunning hair styles for any occasion! It was in the hair part of the course that we met Diana, who was a past student of Bel’s who is now succeeding in this field and who also was so so lovely and taught us how to do a stunning vintage wave!


On the last night, we had the photo shoot!
So the idea behind the photo shoot is to have an end product of professional photos for the purpose of a portfolio!

I was so lucky to have Steph, as my stunning model!
I decided to go for a light gold and warm brown halo eye, with a striking highlight and my god was I stoked with the outcome! I decided against winged liner, purely because I wanted to avoid the harshness a wing can sometimes create.


I can’t wait until to see the official photos from John, I know they will be stunning!

As a result from the photo shoot with John, I was offered the opportunity to work with him this Friday with a client and I honestly can’t wait!

Overall I could not rate the Makeup Artist and Co Pro Advanced Makeup Fundamentals course higher! The professionalism and amazing degree of knowledge that Bel and the girls teach is beyond anything I was expecting!


A massive thank you must be given to every single person who I dragged along to my classes with me to be my models! I really could not have achieved this without your help, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

So finally, one last thank you to Bel and the Team at Makeup Artist and Co for helping me kick start my career as a MUA and hair stylist! You guys rule, thank you for being great!

Once I receive the professional photos, I’ll upload them! be sure to keep an eye out!

Im xx



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