My First Photo Shoot?!

ahhh I’m coming off such a high!

Today I had the opportunity to do hair and makeup on the beautiful Ivana, for her photo shoot with John McKay at Tear Drop Studio. I was very apprehensive about taking the opportunity and I was super nervous as I honestly didn’t want to f*ck it up.

So, at the ungodly hour of 6:30am(!!) I woke up to start my day!
I arrived at the studio at 8am, having no idea what awaited me that morning.

I went into this job, thinking I would be creating a soft natural/glam look with like a nude lip. Hair wise I was expecting to simply straighten it, as that was what was suggested by the wonderful Bel. However, I learn’t the excellent skill of adapting to any situation! Ivana wanted a dark eye, and a bold lip, which, lucky for me I had put my fav dark red lipstick (Rimmel 107) into my kit last minute! As well as two hair styles, a messy curls, edgey/grunge look and a more slick back look.

above: before and after of the stunning Ivana

So for Ivana, I went for a dark, almost black smokey eye! heavily contoured with a glowy high light and obviously, a red lip! I was so proud of myself for completing this look to such an incredible level! I was honestly stoked and over whelmed with how amazing it turned out! I genuinely could not stop smiling!

above: before and after of the stunning Ivana


above: all the products used to achieve Ivana’s look

Hair wise, for the first look, Ivana wanted messy, grungy hair. So I used my Muk Curling set, with the largest barrel to create beachy, messy waves. Before curling I spritz some Matrix heat protectant and some Urban Fudge sea salt spry. After this I added in the VO5 Give Me Texture powder and messed the curls further, before teasing the top part of the hair to create the perfect un done/ messy look

img_4425above: Ivana in the first outfit of the day (spoiler, it’s actually a gigantic piece of material) 

For the second look, we went for a sleeked back pony tail. To achieve this look, I used the Not Your Mother’s, She’s a Tease volumising hairspray and my white teasing/brushing comb to get the hair perfectly slick. Then using some more of the Give Me Texture powder, I teased the top part of her hair to add some volume before using some pins to pin it all together and creating a slick pony tail.


above: Ivana before shooting her next look, with the new hair style

I was so so happy with how both these stunning hair styles looked! It took me a bit of fiddling and experimentation to produce these two looks which I have never done before. But I am so happy with how they turned out.


above: all products used to achieve Ivana’s two hair styles

During the shoot, I opted to stick around and watch. It was such an amazing experience watching both Ivana and John in their element. Ivana’s ability to get the shot correct and beautiful blew me away! She was so lovely and kind and actually told me she loved the makeup which she then went on to say “I don’t tell everyone that, I don’t always like it” and for me, that was such a massive relief and one of the biggest compliments I have received.
Watching John take his photos was truly amazing. I am ALWAYS blown away by the amazing work photographers do. His ability to get the stunning angles and beautiful lighting is something I hope every photographer aims to do. He is obviously a pro with a wealth of knowledge and I felt privileged to work with such an wonderful person.
John was genuinely impressed with my work and that too made me feel so proud and made me realise just how far I’ve come.

So a massive thank you to both John and Ivana for putting your trust in me and making me feel so proud of my work. You both are wonderful people, and I had a fabulous time with you. Another thank you to Bel, who encouraged me to take up this opportunity and not let me wuss out like a chicken, you truly are amazing and like I’ve said 100 times, I honestly can not recommend Makeup Artist and Co more!

So if you successfully read all of that, thank you too for supporting me!

Im xx

(p.s photos from today’s shoot will be up next week some time, so keep an eye out!)



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