September favourites and swatches

I feel like I slept through the month and someone …. woKE ME UP WHEN IT ENDED
(I’m sorry, I had to)

So this month, I have been loving quite a few different things

here’s a piccy:

lets delve a little deeper.

Lets start with my makeup favs:

Firstly, I have been absolutely LOVING my Morphe 35T palette. It has been my ultimate go to for the whole month of September! The taupe and warm neutral shades are 100% right up my ally! I was blown away by the pigmentation of the shimmery shade, they are so buttery and stunning! I find the matte shades very pigmented and also on the buttery side. I was honestly blown away by the quality of this palette for the (amazing) price of $45 AUD?! I can’t wait to buy more of these palettes, I think next on my list will be the 35O and the 35N!
purchase it here!

The NYX Micro Brow Pencil has been a staple in my everyday makeup this month, and if I’m honest, this is the second one I have.. and I’ve already purchased a back up because I can’t imagine my life without it. I’ve got the shade, MBP01 Taupe, which is the *perfect* shade for me and my lack of brows! I am so so happy with this product and the fact that the FULL range of NYX product is now available at Priceline warms my heart!
Purchase it here!

This month I have fallen in love all over again with Mac’s Soft and Gentle Highlighter. I had shelved this product for about four months, barely touching it, but my god I’m glad I picked it up again! It’s such a stunning bronzed glow colour on my skin tone (#pastey) and I love how healthy and glowy it makes my skin look!
purchase it here!

Another Mac product I have fallen in love with this month has been the Mac Strobe Cream! I find this product so universal! Personally, I use it as a primer underneath my foundation to give me a nice subtle glow, but I know many people mix it in with their foundation or even dab a bit onto their cheek bones for a stunning highlight! Definitely recommend for any of these uses, such a stunning product!
Purchase it here!

After sadly loosing my Gimme Brow to the mess that was my car back in July, I finally went out and re purchased it! I even got the new packaging, how exciting! So this month, religiously I have been using my NYX brow pencil then my Benefit Gimme Brow in light 1. This brow gel is amazing. It add so much volume to my non existent eyebrows and makes them look 10 times better! If you’re on the fence about purchasing I could not recommend this product more!
purchase it here!


The next makeup product of the month has been the RCMA No Colour Powder! I use this to set or bake underneath my eyes to avoid my concealer creasing and it is the BEST product I have ever used for this purpose. It makes my under eyes feel like silk, and I’m not even exaggerating. I also use the powder with my beauty blender to stop my foundation creasing on my forehead and my god it works wonders. This powder has NO flash back, so it’s perfect for every occasion, it’s the powder I used on Ivana for the Photo shoot this month too! One criticism of the product is the lack of lid or something to put the powder in when you go to use it?! I use a lid to an old Stay Matte powder to help minimise mess.
Purchase it here!

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray has earned itself a special place in my heart. After using all of the smaller version of the product in less than three weeks, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and purchase the full size, and my god am I happy I did! This setting spray honestly prolongs the wear of my makeup so much! It help minimise the ‘cakey’ or ‘powdery’ look of my face and sets everything in place so I can dance the night away. I think if you’re going to purchase this product, go hard and get the full size one, don’t muck around with the mini, you will only fall in love and regret running out at a very inconvenient time!
Purchase it here!


The last on my makeup favs has been the Colour Pop ultra matte liquid lipstick in Lumiere 2. When I first purchased this product, I was not expecting it to be so purple toned, but honestly, I think that’s what I love most about it! Not to mention it’s amazing lasting power which I mention in an earlier post! It’s such a wonderful product and for the price, so so worth it!
Purchase it here!

Next up, lets talk hair!

So firstly, I would like to mention my GHD. I have had my straightener for probably 12 months, and this month I FINALLY learnt how to properly curl with it! I know baby steps! I have also been loving straightening my hair this month, which I haven’t done an awful lot over the past 10 months. I just feel slick and put together with my hair looking g. I tend to not do too much with my hair other than brush it and shove it in a pony. I’m slowly learning to spend a little more time won my hair each morning, but if you know me, means I have to get up earlier, which is my problem..
Purchase it here! (unfortunately, they no longer stock the stunning rose gold one!)


Moving on to taking a bit more care of my hair, I have been loving the Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco. I usually spray a generous amount into the mid length to ends area whilst still wet just after I have showered. I have seen such a difference in the texture of my hair, it’s 10 times softer already! I think what I love most about this product is the fact its a spray!! so it makes it so much easier to get the right amount, instead of over doing it and having that gross as oily hair look!
Purchase it here!


Now to some miscellaneous favourites of the month!

Firstly, my Fujifilm camera. I bought this last September right before I took off to travel Europe! I have started using it again to take some blog photos and just being arty in general. I love the quality of the images, and specifically the old school design. The camera has a lot of wonderful features, like the use of manual or auto focus, HD filming and many others, but I’m still learning the technical language for everything. I think its the perfect combination of your generic point and shoot and something a bit more sophisticated, like my Cannon 600D, which I used to take the photos in this post.
unfortunately I am unable to find where to purchase, I got mine from Harvey Norman at Cambridge Park.


Next is my awesome $20 sunnies from The Ministry of Style on Brunswick street in Fitzroy. I saw a pair like these back in July just after my birthday that were $120 and whilst I loved them, I could not justify the price. So when I saw these in the shop window for such a god damn good price, I new they had my name on them!
purchase them here!


The Daiso brush cleaner is the BEST brush cleaner I have come across AND it literally cost $2.80 what a steal! I use this to clean my brushes after clients to ensure they are crystal clean for the next lovely lady I use them on, highly recommend!
purchase it in store at Daiso!


Another favourite of mine has been this blog. I have had so much fun writing and creating content for it and I am so happy to see it finally coming together. Obviously, there are aspects that need to be improved, but I am loving the learning process and kinda creative outlet it has given me. I have so many ideas coming up and I can’t wait to get them out there!

and Lastly, my ultimate favourite of the month (you all know this is coming) completing my Makeup Course with Makeup Artist and Co. I won’t ramble about this too much, but it was amazing, and I’m so so so happy to be officially qualified. It’s given me the confidence I needed to continue pursuing my dream of being a makeup artist.

If you got this far, A+ for you! one last thing, I now have business cards?! look how pretty they are!


If you want one, hit me up!

Thanks for reading!

Im xx


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