20 things I learned by 20

So, as of July I am 20, so thought I’d share 20 things I learn’t by my 20th birthday. (bare with me, this will be a long one!)

1. It’s okay to distance yourself from people or friends who no longer bring you happiness.
The whole idea of friends, is to have people who are supportive, honest and make you happy and a better person. If someone in your life is no longer bringing any of these things to the friendship table, they’re not worth it. I’m not saying having a fight is the end of everything, I’m referring to the people who no longer treat you the way you treat them, constantly. I also want to mention the ‘friends’ who don’t put any effort into the friendship, abort.

2. Rumours suck
Does this one need explaining? There will be people who are jealous and who decide that spreading rubbish is the only way they will feel better about their self. People will hear it, people may believe, and it will hurt, but inevitably, the people who mean the most to you will be the ones who know it’s crap and support you 100%, yay team!

3. You discover what a bsb and account number are?!!??
Hooray! Money! This one was fun, because I had to give it to an employer to get paid! Woooo!

4. WTF are taxes?
I learned that by 20, I still don’t know how to do my tax return every July. Thanks mum and dad for saving my ass!

Literally, once you get to uni, NO ONE gives a sh*t about what ATAR you got, as long as you’re doing something that makes you happy, that one little score at the end of year 12 does not matter. (Honestly, this is important. Also you don’t have to go to uni to succeed, or because your parents say you have to. Do it because you want to. There are ALWAYS other options to get where you want to be, regardless of the score at the end.) I rest my case.

6. Quitting a job is NOT easy.
I was in a work environment that I was not happy in for a long time before I got the balls to quit. I hate confrontation. But honestly once I did it I was fine and I was happy. And guess what? No one died and I survived, but the stress of doing it scared the crap out of me, as I didn’t want to let anyone down.

7. Some people will just think they’re better than you
There’s nothing you do or say that will make them think otherwise. Just know you are right and move on. In the wise words of Elsa, “let it goooo”


8. Disney films are ALWAYS a great idea
This doesn’t need an explanation, it will always be true. Bad mood? Disney film. Good mood? Disney Film. Crappy day? Disney film. Fan-bloody-tasic day? Disney Film.

9. LEARNT ALL THE WORDS TO ALL HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SONGS (probably the most important thing I’ve learned)
Quiz me, I dare you.


10. Once you leave high school, you realise you were only friends with some people because you saw them daily.
Honestly, once you finish school you will realise that you only hung out, chatted and were friends with a lot of people because you saw them literally every day. I could count on one hand the amount of people I still talk to from school, who are genuinely my true, closest and most wonderful friends (you know who you fabulous people are).

11. Do things that will make you happy!
Exhibit A, me doing a makeup course and starting a blog! It was always something I wanted to do, but it took me so long to actually to do! My makeup course made me so happy and writing on this blog gives me a fantastic outlet to talk makeup and beauty to people who want to have a squiz.

12. Stop caring what other people think
This one is important, and at 20, I still haven’t mastered it. I still struggle to remember that other people’s opinions of me do not matter at all. As long as I’m happy and I’m living a life that isn’t harming anyone, I can push past the negative views people have of me! But in saying this, having a fear of being judged sucks, and it’s why it’s taken me so long to start this blog and why I still haven’t started a YouTube channel.

13. The magical powers of two minute noodles
They’re a gem for any uni student on a budget. Chicken is the best flavour so don’t try and argue with me!


So so so important! Be adventurous and see the world, learn new things, meet fabulous people, eat a crepe under the Effiel Tower, kiss in Spain, sing karaoke in Florence, have a Stein in Munich or go and cry over the Fault in Our Stars bench in Amsterdam (yep I did that). Just go have a blast somewhere. I can not wait to travel more because travelling has honestly been one of my favourite experiences in my 2o years.


15. De-friend that person on Facebook
Yep. If you literally do not care what Sally from Chemistry is doing these days, why are you still following her on social media? It’s incredibly satisfying culling irrelevant people from your social media. Please do it, and feel fabulous about it.

16. Making your own doctors appointments will always be daunting
If I could still get mum to make them, I would. I HATE making vaguely important phone calls.

17. Dress for yourself and not for anyone else
Wear what you want to wear and bloody own it.

18. Wear makeup for yourself
I used to be really self conscious about my face and I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on. But I’ve learnt that I wear makeup for myself and not for anyone else. Some days I feel like going full glam for my 11am tute, but other days (like this morning) I decided I didn’t want to put makeup on at all and opted for sleeping until 10:30. Either is okay! Do what you want hunny!


19.  How to use a washing machine.
Clean clothes are great.

20. Is it ‘learnt’ or ‘learned’
I’m sure you’ve noticed that by 20 I still don’t know if I’m meant to say ‘learnt’ or ‘learned’ so hopefully by 21 I’ll have it down pat!


So there you have it, there are 20 things I’ve learned by 20. I hope you found this vaguely interesting!
Thank you for reading!

Im xx



4 thoughts on “20 things I learned by 20

  1. Hannah Wolfhagen says:

    Yesss!!!! Amen to all of these! Love you Imogen- I hope I’m one of those friends still making an effort. I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve done in those 20 years. xo


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