Mecca Maxima Chadstone opening and meeting Chloe Morello!

Hey there, I thought I’d start writing this post whilst I sit in line waiting outside Mecca Maxima Chadstone at 6:52am!

So my day began at 4:20am when my alarm went off and I felt the cold hands of death grasp me. I got up, did my face, put together an outfit and Mairead and I were out the door by 5:15am.

The drive was confusing but at least there was no traffic, which made last minute lane changes a breeze!

After arriving at a Chadstone, we had no idea where to go and how to get there. Thankfully with some help from some lovely strangers, a few security guards and the fabulous Mecca staff, we eventually found out where to grab our wrist bands and line up! 

Our wrist band numbers were 81 and 82… which meant we got to MEET CHLOE MORELLO!! Aaaaaand, it meant we were lucky enough to get the Ciate London x Chloe Morello Beauty Haul for FREE, yep $70 worth of products for ~free~. To say I got a littler bit excited would be an understatement, just ask Mairead.

After waiting in line for what seemed like years, we were greeted by some gorg Mecca Men who came bearing gifts. Donuts. It was a god send, I was starving!


After a free donut and a coffee, it was 9am and Chloe walked in right passed us, woo! Around 9:20 it was time the line progressed. Once we reached the store front, we were greeted with some stunning decorations, a DJ and most importantly, the wishing tree.

The concept behind the wishing tree is that if you spend $65 or more, you got to pick an envelope of the tree and score a freebie! Up for grabs was Urban Decay pallets, Smashbox primers, gift cards and lipsticks. More on this later.

Okay, so after patiently waiting for almost 4 hours it was 9:55am and our turn to meet Chloe!
I honestly do not have a bad word to say about her. In the short 10 – 15 seconds we shared I was blown away. She was welcoming, kind, and actually cared. I can’t really remember how our conversation went, but it was simply “hellos”, “how are you?”, “well thanks”, “having a good day” yeah blah blah blah. But she actually sounded interested and happy to be there. Here, look at the photos?!!???!

LOOK AT US!! I asked her to do a funny one and I must say, she bloody slayed! I was on cloud nine, she was lovely and I was stoked.
So a very large thank you to Chloe for being so kind, fun and lovely. You were beautiful and I am so glad I have the opportunity to meet you! You rule xxx

Alrighty, next it was time for my shopping addiction to come in to play. I went mad… Oops. So in order to makeup up $65 so I could have a whirl on the wishing tree, I purchased:

The Too Faced Sweet Hearts Bronzer 
I picked this one up because I feel like every man and his dog have been raving about it, and I think it would be perfect product to give me that sun kissed summer glow!


The Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
I had, had my eye on this product since borrowing Mairead’s one day. I find primers like the Mac Paint Pot and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance disagree with my eyelids and I’m left looking diseased. I’m excited to give it go!


The Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Cool Girl
I just love liquid lipsticks…


And then on top of this, I received the Ciate London x Chloe Morello Beauty Hall for FREE. Yep and it’s signed by Chloe Morello woooo!
I was so tempted to buy this, but I’m so glad I didn’t have too! Stoked to give it ago, those eyeshadows speak to me!


Blown away by the generosity of Mecca Today!

So once we finally decided on our products and purchased them, we headed out to the wishing tree! Whilst we were waiting I got a message from my mate telling me I was on Chloe’s Snapchat… WOT. Not gonna lie, I squealed a little.

So after the excitement of the Snapchat incident, we held out breath and picked random envelopes off the tree and what do you know??? I won the…URBAN DECAY NAKED SMOKEY PALLET (which retails at $83?!) and Mermi the lucky gal, scored herself a $100 VOUCHER.


So with this in mind, we went back into Mecca to spend Mermi’s voucher, and in true Imogen style, I spent more money.

I purchased:

The Too Faced CoCoa Contour Kit
I picked this one up as I have heard good things from Mermi and thought it would be a good addition to my kit!


The Too Faced Mini Hangover Primer 
I have always wanted to give this a whirl and I thought the mini size would be the perfect way to try it out without spending a fortune.


If you can’t tell, I went a bit Too Faced crazy…

So, since I spent another $65 odd dollars (sorry mum). We headed back out to the wishing tree, where I won some face wipes (yipee) and Mermi scored herself a Smashbox Primer! After that is was Boost time before heading back to uni.

So this is what I picked up over all! So stoked! The two freebies I picked up came to a total retail value of $153, and I scored them for FREE.


Thank you to Mecca Maxima at Chadstone for putting on such a fabulous event! It was honestly worth the 4am wake up! The store is beautiful and the staff were so so lovely!
Thanks to Mermaid for putting up with me all morning!

And one last thanks to Chloe, for being a genuine gal.

Im xx




2 thoughts on “Mecca Maxima Chadstone opening and meeting Chloe Morello!

  1. Madie Johnston says:

    Omg, only your luck would leave you with a free Urban Decay palette, and only your bad luck would leave you with wipes. You’ll have to show me everything when you home!! Xx


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