Priceline 40% off haul

Well well well, it’s that time of the year again, when Priceline go mental and discount all cosmetics by, wait for it, 40%!!!!????!!!

So naturally, I rolled on in this morning to pick up some goodies I’ve been eyeing off for a while now, mainly NYX products, because, well NYX rules.

So the first product I gravitated towards, was the NYX contour kit. I have heard Shaaanxo talk about this palette for months and months and the last few times I have been in Priceline, they never have it in stock. So I was amazed when I saw it in stock today and at 40% off, it came to $23.97, BARGIN.


This product swatches so beautifully, and I can not wait to get it on my face (after exams… of course). The two shimmery highlight shades in this palette amaze me and the range of colours makes it perfect for my kit.

The next product I picked up was the NYX Wonder Stick. With cream contouring becoming such a mammoth tend (has been for a while… It just scars the heck outta me) I decided to pick up this product to give cream contouring a whirl. If you’d like to see a cream contouring how to for beginners post, let me know! This product came down to $11.97.

I picked up a new Maybelline The Falsies Big Eye’s mascara, because this has always been a favourite of mine! I picked up the waterproof version because, waterproof speaks to me. This mascara is great because it has one end for the top lashes and one for the bottom, giving you the best lashes ever. I highly rate. This came down to $11.97


I then wondered passed the Model Prefer stand and saw that all thEIR BRUSHES WERE IN STOCK. Madness I tell you. So I picked up two of my all time favourite eyeshadow blending brushes, the MPD102 shadow and concealer brush. Ever since I bought my first one of these I’ve been on the hunt for another! I’ll be adding these straight to my kit! The were $8.39 each. (unsure whether these were apart of the sale)


I then strolled back passed the NYX stand and picked up two more of their products. Firstly I grabbed the NYX Dewy Finish setting spray. I’ve heard good things about this spray and I hope it can deliver beautiful dewy skin to me and my clients! This came down to $8.97.


I then saw all the NYX Liquid Suede cream lipsticks and thought I would give one a try. I have seen a few people talk about these online, and thought I would form my own opinion. These don’t dry down to be completely matte, which translated to me that they may be a bit more moisturising for lips. I love this colour too! I got the shade Vintage, which is a redy, maroon, browny colour (description on point lel). This product came down to $8.97.

Makeup wise, that’s what I got! The 40% of cosmetics sale goes from today (9/11/16) until tomorrow (10/11/16). I urge you to head down or online and grab some goodies! Priceline only do this sale twice a year, so don’t miss out!


I also went to the Rimmel stand and picked up three nail polishes, (I don’t think these were on sale) as I have always loved having my nails nice and painted but find I suck at it, so this summer that’s going to change! I picked up the shades Blue Babe, Shallow Bay and Rain Rain Go Away. I’ve currently got Rain Rain Go Away on my nails and I love the colour. It’s like a grey toned mauve/ violet/ lilac sort of colour (once again, greeeeeat description). These retailed for $5.97 for the first two colours and $3.57 for Rain Rain Go Away.

I hope I’ve given you some inspo for your makeup shopping!
Keep an eye out for a post featuring a look I’m going to create using mostly NYX products!

Thanks for reading,

Im xx





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