Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks Swatches/ Review

I recently picked up three shades of the new (I say new because Australia is sooo behind) Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I bought the shades, Drop Dead Red, Queen B and Cool Girl.

I picked up Cool Girl back at the Chadstone Mecca Opening and since then it has been my go to nude. This shade to me is the ~perfect~ brown toned nude and I flipping love it. I am in love with how comfortable it is on the lips and so impressed with the pigment and formula.


Cool Girl

When I was shopping for my sister’s birthday present, I had to pick up some more shades after having so much success with Cool Girl.

After discovering they were out of Sell Out, a shade I had had my eye on, I went for Queen B. This shade is a very muted pink shade, something I would not normally gravitate towards. But after swatching it, it went straight into my basket.


Queen B

And because things look better in three’s I picked up a very vampy dark red shade, Drop Dead Red. I love a good dark lip and believe it compliments my pale (v pale) skin tone. I love the contrast between the dark lip and me. This shade was a little bit harder to apply than the other two, but I did fall instantly in love with the colour.


Drop Dead Red

To test the lasting power of these lipsticks, I decided to test Queen B f0r the day. I applied the lipstick at 2:30pm and took update photos throughout the day. I went about eating and drinking and talking as usual.


At 2:30


At 4:00, after I ate


At 7:30 after dinner

As you can see the colour faded slightly in the middle after I ate the first time, and after dinner, it did the same. Usually after I eat I would reapply my lipstick, no matter what I was wearing. So considering it was on for 5 hours without reapplication I am impressed. It lasted better than I expected. I presumed it would mostly be off after I ate and drunk my coffee. This was purely because the rim of my mug was predominantly pink after I’d finished. Overall the lasting power of these bad boys is moderate to average. I have many other liquid lipsticks which would withhold a lot better than these, but the pigment, comfort and formula of these is something I rate highly.

Overall I would recommend these to anyone thinking of investing in a liquid lipstick, considering I ate twice, had a coffee and was continually drinking water (stay hydrated kids!) they lasted very well. The comfort of these is incredible and at times I completely forgot I was wearing tit. Too Faced have done a fantastic job with these, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more colours!

Im xx


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