Six Products the Internet Made Me Buy

So over the years, there have been numerous products that people on the internet rave about and I am a sucker for purchasing new makeup that some chick on the internet said was good. People like Nikkitutorials, Zoe Sugg, Dani Mansutti and Kathleen Lights have such a major influence on the beauty industry and dictate which new products will be loved or hated based on their (sometimes sponsored) opinions. I could list so many products that the internet made me buy, but I’ve decided to list six, and let you know if it was a rave or a reject.

1.  A cult favourite of the internet family, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade. This product was the be all and end all of brows at the time. Before I had this, I owned a Rimmel eyebrow pencil and Dip Brow changed my life. The hype around this product supported the quality and effect this pomade delivered. At the time I purchased this (early 2015) it had been about for ages and I was quite late to fall to the pressures of the internet. Now you could argue that there are so many products similar to this, like the Benefit KA-BROW and the Chi Chi Brow Pomade it’s easier to find a cheaper and better alternative. But, I love my ABH Dip Brow and it’s a RAVE from me.
(I have the shade blonde)
2. You can’t have a Internet Made Me Buy post without mentioning the Nars blush in Orgasm. It is arguably ~the~ blush. I guarantee most beauty junkies have this bad boy in their collection. It was so so talked about and I decided that my first high end blush purchase would *have* to be this one. To start, if you don’t like gold reflect in your blush or a sheen in your blush this won’t be for you. If I’m honest this blush was originally a reject for me, I find the pigmentation not that fabulous and the colour I thought didn’t really suited me. But after using it for a while and being persistent with it, I found it to really grow on me. Is it my favourite blush? No, but it’s not the worse. For me it’s neither a rave or a reject, it’s an eh..? I much prefer the Nars blush in Deep Throat!



3. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette was sent to every YouTuber and their dog, so naturally it was talked about non stop for about three months. I saw everyone swatching, using and raving about this palette and the colours just simply spoke to me. Luckily enough, my mum was able to pick this bad boy up for me from NYC before it was released in Aus! (thanks mum). I rate this palette so highly and I think ABH hit the nail on the head. The shadows blend so beautifully and even the matte shades are buttery, It’s a 100% RAVE.


4.  It was Nikkitutorials who put me on the pursuit to firstly find (hard task) and purchase the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette. I’ve got a whole blog post on this bad boy, so I won’t blab on, you can read my full review here. But it’s a RAVE.



5. Shaaanxo is a massive fan of the LA Girl Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer, so when I spotted it in the Makeup Net store in Moonee Ponds for like $12, I thought why not give it a go! It has beautiful coverage, it’s nicely pigmented and blends beautifully. I love it. I need to get myself a newbie, I am so so close to running out! So, it’s a RAVE.
(I have the colour Porcelain)


6.  Finally, the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation. I watched so many reviews and tutorials that featured this foundation and finally caved to the internet’s pressure. I was under the impression this foundation was medium to buildable full coverage and from the half a dozen times I’ve used it I have found it’s more light to medium and would take a few layers to achieve a full coverage base. It sits nicely on the skin and lasts an average amount of time. Considering I was expecting some life changing full coverage miracle foundation it was a bit of a REJECT. I mean I don’t hate the foundation, I will continue to use it and I like the lightweight aspect of the foundation but I will not be repurchasing.



So there you have it. There are six products that the internet made me buy. I could continue to list so many more products, but this post would literally be 10,000 words long, and I won’t put you through that. I hope you now know which internet hyped products you want to get next!

Thank you for reading!
Much love,

Im xx



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