Client Tutorial – a collaboration with Swansea Pharmacy

This week I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with the Swansea Pharmacy to demonstrate a look on Madison (my sister), using makeup products that the Pharmacy stock!


The look I created on Madison

Before I get into the makeup, a quick little update for my girls in Swansea. I will be at the Swansea Pharmacy on Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd of December from 10am until 2pm. I will be offering a free half hour makeup consultation, which includes a free makeup application! I will be able to answer any makeup queries you may have! And as a bonus, if you spend $10 or more on cosmetics, you’ll receive a free Designer Brands gift! Appointments are recommended, If you’re keen contact the pharmacy on 03 6257 8167!


The Swansea Pharmacy stocks Innoxa, Designer Brands, Eye of Horus, and Nude by Nature. All of these brands are cruelty free, with Designer Brands and Eye of Horus being 100% vegan, and Innoxa and Nude by Nature boasting a large portion of their products to be vegan. So you can guarantee that no animals were harmed in the making of the makeup you use. Which is a massive plus with the sale of cosmetics that have been animal tested becoming banned in the near future in Australia.


Some products used on Madison

You can see more about these brands at their website!

Nude by Nature
Eye of Horus
Designer Brands

To begin with Madison’s makeup, I used the Sukin Micellar water to cleanse the skin to ensure no makeup, dirt or oil was present before I began. I then applied the Sukin Sensitive Skin moisturiser to ensure the skin was nicely hydrated, and then to finish the skin prep, I spritzed her face with the Innoxa Makeup Primer Spray to ensure the moisture is locked in and to pro-long the longevity of her makeup over the course of the day.


pic via

I like to start with the eyes, so if there is a mistake made or any eye shadow fall out, it is easily rectified without disturbing the base, (eg. foundation, powder, concealer…). I used the Innoxa Under Eye concealer in the lightest shade to prime her eye lids, then I set it with the lightest shade from Designer Brands Contour Palette. Using an eye shadow primer or a concealer before applying eye shadow enhances the eye shadows colour, and lasting power.

I then took the lightest contour shade from the contour palette and used this as a transition shade, working it into her crease with a blending brush, ensuring it was seamless. I then took the darker shade from the contour palette, and put this into the outer ‘v’/ outer third of her eye, then blended it in to the crease, once again ensuring it looked seamless.

Before I applied eyeliner I applied the darkest brown colour from the Designer Brands Face Palette to darken the outer third more, before applying the highlight shade from the same palette to the inner two thirds of her eye.


Next I used the Eye of Horus black eye pencil. I put the colour on the back of my hand before taking a small angled brush and pushed it into the lash line and created a smokey wing. I then cleaned up any fall out with some micellar on a cotton pad, and created a sharp line from the outside of the eye to the tip of the brow.

Moving on I went in with the Designer Brands 24 hour foundation in the shade Light Ivory, and a few drops of the Australis white shade adjusting drops as the colour was slightly dark for Mads (The Pharmacy sell both the dark and light shade adjusting drops by this brand. Fun fact, Australis is owned by Innoxa!). I used a Beauty Blender to blend this in to her skin, before using the Innoxa concealer under her eyes. I set her face with the Innoxa BB powder in the lightest shade. I moved on to eyebrows next with the lightest eyebrow shade from the DB face palette. Madie has beautifully thick brows, but unfortunately they’re bleach blonde (like me), so I ensured they were on show!


I set the brows in place with the Innoxa eyebrow gel in the light shade. Next I finished off the eyes by taking that dark brown colour we used for the eyes from the DB face palette onto her lower lash line and applying the Eye of Horus Bio lash lift Mascara.

Next I took the light contour shade from the DB contour palette with a mixture of the bronzer from the DB face palette to bronze her skin and give her face a bit more life.

After this I took a Designer Brands blush in rose on the apples of her cheeks and the highlight shade from the DB contour palette on the top of her cheek bones, a little on her forehead, tip of her nose, cupids bow, under her brow and the inner corner of her eye. To complete the look, I used the Designer Brands lipstick in pink-beige!


What a stunner!


So there you have it! A subtle smokey liner look, perfect for the silly season, created using makeup products available from the Swansea Pharmacy! If you are interested in a one on one free makeup consult, don’t forget to contact the pharmacy or just pop in between 10am and 2pm on Thursday (22nd) and Friday (23rd).

Thank you to Madison for being my beautiful model, (and also a wonderful sister).
Thank you to the Swansea Pharmacy for allowing me to pursue this fabulous idea, and to the staff and Sue for being such wonderful people in my life.

If you require anymore information about the brands, makeup appointments, or any queries at all, don’t hesitate to contact me, you beautiful people. (check out my contact page to find out how to get me!)

Much love,

Im xx




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