M.A.C Lipstick Collection

2017 is here, and with it, it bought a very un-motivated Imogen, so my apologies for my lack of content of late, I know, I suck. But moving swiftly on!

I did have a post written about 5 great things that happened to me in 2016, but then I realised it’s the 24th of January and those sorts of posts were so two weeks ago. So I’m choosing to quietly acknowledge 2016 for what it bought me and promise that 2017 will be ~the best year ever~ and once again, swiftly move on.

M.A.C Lipsticks; such a staple in anyone’s makeup collection, and at $36 AUD each – an expensive staple at that. I’m proud and somewhat ashamed of the fact I have some how accumulated ten of these bad boys, (don’t do the maths mum, it will only make you disappointed). Because of the cost, I like to know in advanced which colours I might like, and potentially buy, to save time swatching ten million colours at the counter. So I love watching and reading all about people’s collections! Which colours they liked and which they didn’t; I love a good second opinion.


Mac quite proudly toot their own horn about their lipsticks, with their website stating, “Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips. Hundreds of hues, high-fashion textures. The iconic product that made M·A·C famous.” (MAC, 2016) …. (REFERENCING… in a bloGPOST). And quite honestly, I would have to agree. Their textures range from cremesheen, to satin, frost and matte, and other textures in between. They literally stock any shade imaginable, so for me, buying just one seemed like a silly idea, I need them all.

Lets start with the browny shades.


First cab off the rank is Stone. Stone is a greyish taupey brown shade, and is a matte finish. This particular lipstick was my back to mac lipstick. Mac do this ~fabulous~ thing where you bring six empty products back to any Mac store and receive a free lipstick! Lucky me!

Next, Verve. Verve is a red toned brown shade in a satin finished. This colour is stunning and I have my beautiful friend Sophie to thank for this one! I spotted her wearing it one day and told her I loved it!

Whirl is one of my personal favourites. Mac describes the colour as a dirty rose. It’s such a beautiful colour and it’s one of my go-to’s! It is a matte finish.

Diva is the only red Mac lippie I own, but I’m planning on purchasing more! I picked this one up when I was overseas in 2015, once again Diva is a matte finish, and a dark red/ burgundy shade.

Twig is a muted brownish pink shade, in a satin finished. I love the satin finish, it’s a little more moisturising than a matte finish, and this colour is to die for.

Moving on the the pinky nude shades.


Velvet Teddy is a recent addition to the collection! It’s a matte finish, with the shade being a beige dark toned colour. Now honestly I haven’t worn this colour yet, and it doesn’t really appeal to me. I more purchased this one for my kit as it is a staple Mac shade and I know it will be one clients ask for.

Viva Glam II was the first Mac lipstick I purchased, and honestly, it’s my favourite. It is my go to nude, the one that never fails me, the light of my lipstick life. It’s a satin finish and the colour is a pinky, beige colour. The Mac website says that the lipstick contains shimmer, but honestly, it is not even noticeable.

Faux is also a newbie. Faux is a satin finish, mauvey pink colour. Of late this has definitely made it’s way into my makeup routine.

Brave is once again a satin finish lipstick, I was lucky enough to receive this as a christmas present. The ratio of pink to beige in this lipstick is just enough for me. Any pinker and it would not be a winner. But I love this colour.

Lastly, and most recent addition to the collection is Mehr. This is a matte lippie, and is a blue toned dirty pink. Once again, the amount of pink in this lipstick is not too much. I was never one for pink lippies, but with Faux, Brave and Mehr, I am quickly finding my way through the world of pink lipsticks.

Overall Mac lipsticks are 100% worth it. The colour range (although not very well demonstrated here #notype) is incredible. From the brown toned colours to the reds, purples, pinks and even crazy blues. If you are looking for a specific colour, and finish then your first point of call should be your closest mac counter.

With the diverse range of lipsticks, it is easy to see why I prefer to use Mac Lipsticks in my kit for my clients. There is literally a shade for everyone.

I hope you have found this helpful and got some ideas for future lipstick purchases, if you have any questions about these bad boys, feel free to message me.



Thanks for reading, much love,

Im xx


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