Sweet Peach – Rate it or Hate it?

They did it again. Too Faced re-released the Sweet Peach Palette and along with it a collection of other peachy goodies. If you follow me on instagram (@by_imogen) you know I am mildly obsessed with the collection. But regardless of my obsession, is it actually worth it? worth the money? worth the hype? worth the commitment? Lets have a chat about it – rate it or hate it?

So lets begin with the palette. I was lucky enough to pick this baby up when the palette was released in Mecca in July 2016. First off, the smell. It hits you in the face, but it’s not like a brutal punch, it’s like someone sarcastically hitting you gently. Okay, that makes zero sense, but what I’m trying to say is that the smell is strong, but not over powering. If I could have a perfume in this scent I would drown myself in it and wear it on the daily.


Next! The colour combo. If you love a good warm tone shadow then this palette is right up your alley. Warm colours like these, are so complimentary of green or blue eyes, and are fabulous to make them pop. However, there is nothing stopping you if your eyes are brown to have a good old crack with this one.


These shadows are so beautifully creamy, and I believe are similar in consistency to the shadows in the Chocolate Bar Palette. The shimmery shadows are so pigmented and the mattes blend like a dream. My go too quick look with this palette is, puree as my transition shade, summer yum on the outer ‘v’ and luscious on the lid. It’s a quick warm toned look and I love it!


Would you just look at how they swatch! To say I love this palette would be an understatement, so for me it’s a rate it, and totally worth the $70 dollars! If you’re in Aus, you can grab this from Mecca.

So the next product I purchased from the Sweet Peach Collection, when it was released late last month was the Sweet Peach Glow Palette, which contains a (gorgeous #spoiler) highlighter, a blush and a bronzer and naturally, smells like peachy goodness.



I wanted to pick this palette up as I am A) a sucker for pretty packaging, and B) I am desperate to find a palette I can travel with, that has all the necessities and well this, I was hoping when I purchased it, was the one. Too faced have a wide range of blushes and bronzers, with the Sweethearts bronzer taking my heart late 2016, so, I was excited.


The Highlighter is a little glittery, but I’m so okay with that! It’s so beautiful and I think Too Faced have nailed the highlighter portion of the palette. This also makes me 10 times more excited for the Too Faced highlighters to be release later this year (#toofacedjunkie). The blush has a slight shimmer to it, but it is more on the sheen-y side, than in your face shimmer, and naturally, the blush is a gorgeous peachy colour! And lastly, the bronzer. Now the bronzer is definitely not matte, but there are no signs of glitter or shimmer, the bronzer has a lovely almost natural sheen to it. The colour gives you such a stunning sun kissed glow!


So, if you can’t already tell, I rate it. This palette is the perfect one for a peachy sun kissed glow and it is definitely my go to travel palette. So thank you Too faced! Grab this palette from Mecca for $61!

Too Faced have definitely succeeded with the Sweet Peach collection and I can’t wait to try some more of the collection – maybe next pay day.

So….. drumroll….. I RATE IT!
No hate here for this gorgeous collection – four for you Too Faced, you go Too Faced!

Thanks for reading, I hope I have helped you make a decision whether to grab these products or not! Hola at me if you have any questions!

Much Love,
Im xx


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